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Compare cutting software

Feature Cutting Optimization pro Simple Cutting Software X Next Nesting Software X-beta Real Cut 1D
Operating system Windows Windows, macOS / OS X, Linux (Ubuntu) Windows, macOS / OS X Windows
Optimized shapes Rectangular (2D) and linear (1D) Rectangular (2D) Rectangular (2D) and complex shapes (polygons and circles) Linear (1D)
Optimization type Guillotine, Multi-stages, Nested Guillotine, Multi-stages (since 2023), Nested (since 2023) Guillotine (rectangular), Multi-stages (rectangular), Nested (rectangular and any shape). Guillotine
Multiple materials in the same project YES YES (since 2023) YES YES
Magnify/navigate sheet YES YES YES YES
Adjustable cutting blade YES YES YES YES
Load from Excel (.XLS, .XLSX) YES NO NO YES
Save to Excel (.XLSX) YES YES Partial support (Polygons and circles are not exported) YES
Copy/paste from Excel YES YES NO YES
Load/save .CSV YES YES Partial support (Polygons and circles are not exported) YES
Edge bands YES NO NO NO
Grinding/polishing YES NO NO NO
Texture (fiber direction) YES YES NO (see Rotation step) NO (see Axis rotation)
Rotation step NO (see Texture) NO (see Texture) YES NO (see Axis rotation)
Axis rotation NO NO NO (see Rotation step) YES (Ox, Oy, Oz)
Manual arrange post optimization YES (for guillotine only) YES (for guillotine only) YES (for rectangular guillotine and partially for true shapes) NO
Fractional input YES YES YES YES
Accept solution button YES YES YES YES
Import 3D models from Sketchup (external plugin) YES YES YES YES
Detailed statistics YES YES YES YES
Defining products YES NO NO NO
Adhesive labels YES YES NO YES
Grouping of identical sheets YES YES YES YES
DXF Import NO NO YES (partial) NO

and more ... Please check each product for more features!